Traditional Rugs

Browse our vast collection of Classic Rugs in timeless designs. Choose from either wool rugs or those made from manmade fibres. Our collections include round and half moon rugs as well as a large selection of long rugs for the hallway, which can be viewed in our hall runners section Traditional Rugs are highly recommended for heavy traffic areas and make perfect rugs for the living room, hallway and dining room. These classic rugs often capture the ancient designs taken from the oriental rugs of Persia, India and China and lend themselves beautifully to both modern and traditional interiors. Unlike modern rugs, the beauty of a these rugs are that they stand the test of time, never dating or losing their appeal in the ever changing fashion trends of today. Choose from the rich warm colours such as those found in the traditional red rugs of Afghanistan which often incorporate deep golds and blues. We also have a wide choice of Ziegler rugs for sale, which are lighter and more muted to replicate the faded tones of antique rugs as well as Chinese rugs, Indian Wool Rugs and the classic and stylish French Aubusson Rugs. All our rugs are sourced from reputable and long established suppliers in the UK such as Mastercraft Rugs, Oriental Weavers, Flair Rugs, Asiatic and the Plantation Rug Co. which all guarantee long lasting rugs of quality.

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