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All Shaggy Rugs

We offer a fantastic choice of Shaggy Rugs in Plain Colours as well as Shaggy Patterned Rugs and Shaggy Rugs made purely from Wool or Felted Wool. Shaggy Rugs are sumptuous and extremely tactile and are particularly suited to living rooms and bedrooms.

Choosing a shaggy rug for your living room or bedroom, will add instant warmth, softness and comfort. Shag Pile Rugs come in a massive variety of materials, textures, designs and colours. They are a real joy to sink your bare toes into or lounge around on.

Our exciting collection of shaggy rugs offer such diversity from shimmering, silky, luxurious finishes to bold, multi-textured finishes in low or deep pile thicknesses.

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